How ERP Systems Help SMEs Overcome Operational Challenges

In the manufacturing industry, small and medium-sized businesses face several challenges when trying to run as efficiently as possible. These include a disorganised operational workflow, duplication of administrative tasks and a lack of cohesion between manufacturing functions across the business.

ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) evolved from the traditional MRP system (Material Requirements Planning) to help companies centralise all these functions into one database.

MRP software was introduced into the manufacturing world to allow businesses to gain control over the materials required in the operational process. When an order is placed, MRP systems work out the configuration of materials needed to create the final products, allowing for accurate scheduling to be made. ERP software was developed to incorporate all the other functions in the manufacturing process. This includes accounting functions and personnel data, tying each function together to create a real-time picture of manufacturing operations.

There are multiple benefits of implementing an ERP system including:

  • Greater information sharing across a company
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Managing business growth successfully
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Clear overview of the company’s position
  • Increasing productivity and profits
  • Centralising functions for ease of use
  • Saving time and money

Statii software gives companies full use of its MRP and ERP systems, bringing together all your necessary functions for an expertly-managed manufacturing process.

Our easy to use interface allows you to tailor the package to your business needs and streamline your processes for maximum efficiency. The software was developed by manufacturers for manufacturers, giving SMEs the ideal software packages for their requirements. We’ve been where you are today, so we provide the support you need to overcome operational challenges.

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