Rapidly raise quotes with costs to manufacturer stored in the system and ensure each job turns a profit with margin and mark up calculators.

Easy To Use Enquiry & Quote System

A quick method to build a quotation, accurately replicating the breakdown of all expected costs. To include Stocked Items, bought-in goods, internal operations and budget estimates.

Seeing an estimated profit contribution at this early stage allows the user to compile an accurate costing. Quoting can either be done by specifying the potential job in detail, which later down the line automatically suggests all Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Works orders and Route cards. The alternative route is to use the budget element of the quote section that can be quickly compiled and then revisited should the job become ‘live’ Statii allows a simple method of quoting various batch sizes and creating quotes using previously created parts.
Parts can be created by importing Inventory items, giving the user an indication of demand requirements should the job become live.
Producing a professional-looking document that can be emailed directly via the system.
Searching for components within this screen can be done simply by Part description, drawing number or part number.
Attaching drawings or specifications to a specific part is a simple process and stays with the part for its entire life.

Reports include:

  • Measuring conversion rates by either customer, estimator, sector or department
  • Recording value of estimates against conversion value in any given period
  • Categorising reasons for losing potential business
  • Measure response time for submitting quotations.
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