The Dashboard

The Statii ERP dashboard provides an overview of your business's activity and performance with easy to understand total and overdue coloured indicators.

A Super Friendly Interface Built For End User’s

Upon opening Statii this is the first screen to view. This is the main navigation point and gives an overview of the entire business process.

Highlighted on each button of the Dashboard are Red and black indicators, known as q-links. These show the outstanding items of each section, highlighted RED where items are late, BLACK are outstanding items. Clicking on any of these takes the user directly to a pre-filtered Statii screen, displaying the relevant information.

Clicking on any coloured title buttons takes the user to the next screen. Each of the sections contains a front end, what is referred to as the Statii screen (Statii – A collection of statuses). These Statii screens form the basis of all the reports generated. By using a simple filtering process, a huge number of specific reports can be generated and exported for analysis.

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