Metal Fabrication Software Solutions

In the dynamic world of metal fabrication, businesses face unique challenges that demand specialised solutions. At Statii, we understand the complexities of your industry. Our MRP software is designed to navigate these challenges efficiently, ensuring your operations are optimized for success.

Metal fabricators grinding
Metal fabricator welding.

The 3 biggest challenges in metal fabrication

Complex project

Metal fabrication projects often involve multiple stages, from design to assembly. Managing these projects, ensuring they stay on schedule and within budget, is a significant challenge.

Inventory and

Keeping track of materials and minimising waste is critical for profitability. Overstocking or understocking can lead to significant losses.

Shop floor

Maximizing shop floor efficiency and productivity in the face of fluctuating demand and tight deadlines is a constant struggle.

Common System Setup
for metal fabrication businesses


CNC machines (e.g., CNC lathes, milling machines)

Laser cutting machines

Welding stations(e.g., MIG, TIG, stick welding)

Punch presses

Bending machines(e.g., Press brakes)


Cutting and laser cutting

Bending and forming

Welding and assembly

Finishing(e.g., painting, plating)

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Our Top MRP Features
for metal fabrication businesses

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