Why does your business need an ERP system?

Does your business currently have no ERP system in place and wonder what the changes and benefits would be to your business? Find out in this article.

September 3, 2015

Advantages Of ERP Systems For Small-Medium Sized Enterprises

A well-written ERP system can revolutionise a company’s way of managing its business, bringing several systems into one place.

There are many reasons why a business should invest in specialised production planning software.But what are the exact advantages of a tailored, specific ERP system to a company, particularly an SME with different needs to a big multi-national corporation? And why should a company invest in one?

1. Genuine, rapid results.

ERP software, if tailored correctly for the client, shows its advantages very quickly. If implemented in the right way, the software has rapid results where it matters – in improving the bottom line for businesses. There is no waiting around for years to see if the initial investment, however small, has worked. It should be immediately apparent.

2. Ease of use.

The installation of ERP software should be quick and hassle-free, with the minimum of retraining for staff. A quality product should be easy to use and make even the simplest task in a business easier to complete following a seamless integration.

3. Streamlining and efficiency.

Even a modest-sized business with a relatively small turnover and a small staff can benefit from being more efficient, with all of its IT systems integrated into one smoothly running operation. This improvement in a company’s systems will increase productivity and ensure a business operates at an optimal level. An ERP system allows greater cohesiveness across a company and at all levels of management.

4. Information.

ERP software, at its most basic level, allows information to flow more freely around an organisation. It provides management with important data on performance and efficiency, allowing for informed decisions to be made. Greater control can be exercised over a business with an intelligent ERP system, with revenues and costs available in real time, in one place. A company can never have too much quality information about itself.

5. Flexibility.

Well-produced and intuitive ERP systems can be adapted to a business’ requirements. A one size fits all approach, common in the past, is not the only way. With tailored small business software, the user gets exactly what he or she needs to help their company prosper.

6. Global application.

It doesn’t matter where a company is, good ERP software can be adapted to its needs. The right systems are not country specific and can be altered to suit the user’s particular needs in the country they are based. It is truly a global solution.

7. Data security.

Keeping all of an operation’s data in one place makes it more secure, with managers able to control who accesses which files. Securing data has become harder in the age of the internet, but a well-managed and structured ERP system can help a company to protect its vital data, with one security system needed instead of several which would be required with disparate IT systems.

At Statii we offer intelligent, made to measure ERP systems which maximise the benefits of the package for our clients.

Hundreds of companies are already seeing the advantage of our simple, easy to use system.

Island Machine Inc, a US-based Statii client, is just one of our delighted customers.

Rebecah Reutimann, strategy and business development manager at the Seattle engineering firm, immediately saw the advantages of Statii’s ERP software.

“Thankfully we found and implemented Statii,” she said. “We saw internal results immediately and within two months Statii has improved our bottom line.

“Our professional image to our customers has improved, we have quoted more than ever and we communicate with our customers better and faster than ever.

“Our excitement about the future is huge because we know that over the next several months, by using Statii to its fullest, it will translate to actual dollars that we will be able to see in the bank.”

Results are what matters to us at Statii and we aim to deliver them rapidly by maximising the advantages of an ERP system for our customers.

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