The key to staying in control of your manufacturing processes is expert planning and management. It’s now possible to do this by overseeing the production process at each point, using real-time information to effectively plan your manufacturing processes with precision.

Statii’s production planning software helps with essential aspects of your manufacturing processes, including scheduling, collecting shop floor data and inventory management. Having such production control software at your fingertips allows for greater productivity, reduced waste and ensures a lean manufacturing process runs like clockwork. MES (manufacturing execution software) helps businesses to monitor and control each stage of manufacturing and production.


Efficient production planning ensures the manufacturing process stays on schedule, foreseeing issues before and when they occur, identifying where inefficiencies are and ensuring resources are put to best use. This includes workloads for both plant and machinery as well as actively managing your personnel and allocating your human resources. Steer your operations in the right direction to reach ideal production capacity.


Statii specialises in providing SME-specific systems with made to measure Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP software) which helps to collect, manage and analyse data to help you organise business functions in one central place. This optimises manufacturing operations across the company, streamlining processes and reducing costs.

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