How the ERP System Has Transformed the Manufacturing Industry

Is your business making the most of your working employees? Statii manufacturing blog explains why controlling your workforce is so important.

April 18, 2022

Small and medium-sized businesses face many challenges, but if they can run as efficiently as possible, they’ll grow in success. The introduction of the ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) into managing manufacturing operations has drastically improved productivity and reduced costs.

Evolving from the traditional MRP system (Material Requirements Planning), this simple software is improving companies’ bottom lines by creating maximum efficiency across the business.

MRP software initiated the industry transformation by creating a system that improved the control over the materials involved in the manufacturing process. Each order that came in could be accurately scheduled and tracked for timely delivery. ERP software has evolved from traditional MRP systems to include all of the functions involved in the process. This includes accounting aspects and monitoring employee performance.

Implementing an ERP system involves centralising functions to one database meaning information can be shared across the company, creating a clear operational picture. The Statii ERP system was designed by manufacturers for manufacturers, meaning you’ll only have the functions you need and receive support from those who understand the industry. ERP systems reduce costs by cutting down on waste, decreasing the amount of time spent on administration and eliminating the duplication of tasks across departments.

Our unique and simple ERP system brings together a full picture of your manufacturing position so you can easily create the most efficient processes for your business setup. There’s no tie-in on contracts, no hidden support fees and you’ll pay one easy fixed payment each month. We even have a video demo and free 7-day test drive so you can familiarise yourself with our software.

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