Tips To Control Your Labour Costs With Custom ERP Software

Our experts are on hand to show you how custom ERP software may be the right solution to aid your growing business and cut your costs.

September 9, 2018

Cut Your Running Costs Using Custom ERP Software

Trying to track labour time by hand is a thankless task. In most cases it can also slow the day to day running of your business down quite a lot. This shouldn’t be the case for any kind of management system, online or offline.

Thankfully our experts now have the answer. We’re here to show you how custom ERP software may be the right solution to aid your growing business and cut your costs.

Common Issues When Tracking Labour With Paper

  • Balancing your jobs list takes longer. You spend less time focusing on the things that matter the most to grow your business.
  • Problems with manual scheduling can cause “tickover”. Staff are stood around and work stalls because they don’t know what to work on or where they need to be.
  • Issues with your inventory management can slow down processing time.
  • Operators will waste more time. They need to manually find out what the correct job details are before they start work on a project.

What Are Our Tips For Curbing Labour Costs

See What Your Workforce Is Doing In Real Time

For any modern business, tracking labour electronically through a custom erp system in real time is a great place to start. Your employees can log in and out of jobs. You can also see job sequences to know how far a job is progressing and take action if this look a little slow! All of this can take place at your desk without having to waste time. Walking around the office or factory floor to speak to staff becomes a thing of the past.

Get Shut Of That Uneconomical Paper Based System

Ridding yourself of a paper based system will also eliminate the likelihood of important information like timesheets being lost. A paperless system will save this data for you, and any issues with employees clocking in for each other will be eradicated too. This will further improve productivity and your cost savings through the power of custom ERP!

Try Out Custom ERP Software For Yourself

By using an online system like custom ERP software, you can have a system that’s built to your exact requirements and meets the needs of your growing business. The savings with ERP can be extraordinary. You will now be able to track your direct labour time down to the minute, and for each and every job that your team work on.

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