Benefits of ERP Systems for Your Business: Improving Productivity & Reducing Costs

In the manufacturing industry, many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to maintain their position. Challenges they face include how to successfully manage growth, too much time spent on duplicating tasks and having an unclear picture of the company’s true position. ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) evolved from traditional MRP software (Material Requirements Planning) to create a centralised database for the various functions in the manufacturing process.
An MRP system allows control over the materials required in the manufacturing process from initial order through to a schedule for the final product. ERP software evolved from MRP systems to incorporate the other functions involved including aspects of accounting and human resources. By implementing an ERP system, companies have a full overview of the manufacturing process, tying together relevant information and managing the process as efficiently as possible.

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Benefits of ERP Systems include:

  • Creating a clear, accurate manufacturing workflow
  • Centralising live data to create a true picture of your business position
  • Eliminating the duplication of tasks
  • Reducing administration and operational costs
  • Increasing productivity
  • Fewer errors and wastage costs
  • Maintaining stock at lowest possible levels
  • Easily managing business growth & measuring success
  • Enhancing customer service

Helping you to streamline your manufacturing processes

Statii’s ERP systems can help small and medium-sized companies to streamline their manufacturing processes.

Coming from manufacturing and engineering backgrounds, we designed our ERP software specifically for SMEs. Our simple, secure and unique software has excellent support available, no hidden costs and no unnecessary features.

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