What To Look For When Choosing An MRP Program

Some helpful information on how small to medium manufacturing businesses can use the Statii MRP program to cut overheads and increase bottom line profits.

December 20, 2018

If you are small to medium sized manufacturing company that is looking to cut back on overheads and become more productive then we are the team to call. Statii’s innovative MRP program helps you increase bottom line profits by boosting performance and efficiency to produce proven growth for your business.

As a manufacturing business, you are probably already aware of the various benefits that can be offered by most MRP programs out there on market. However, for smaller businesses there are fewer options to choose from, often because many software companies charge over the odds for their services, and only choose to work with big brand clients.

This is where the Statii difference comes in. Our system is designed and built for small, modern manufacturing businesses and unlike other companies we don’t charge excessively high pricing for our system and the support that comes with it.

With this in mind we put together a guide of what to look for when choosing your new MRP program, so you can avoid many of the common pitfalls that a number of our existing clients fell into before finding out about Statii.

mrp program being used in a manufacturing inventory environment

Find A MRP Program That Is Cloud Based

If you think about a typical manufacturing business, you will find that a new MRP program will be useful for almost anyone and everyone inside the company.

Accessibility is a big factor when choosing a new MRP system and so you need to consider that many of your employees may need to use it whilst out and about, or inside on the shop floor.

MRP isn’t limited to the office, and cloud based MRP now gives you the flexibility to access your system from anywhere in the world, providing you have a device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop to hand and a good internet connection.

Cloud based MRP programs can also help you save money, as unlike standard server based MRP, you don’t need to employ an IT specialist to run regular updates and provide in house support. All updates are made seamlessly through the cloud, and real time support is available where it is needed from Statii’s very own in house experts.

We provide comprehensive levels of training and support during setup, but we don’t just stop there. We provide lifetime support alongside your MRP package, and whilst you may never need us due to the simplistic nature of our system, it’s good to know that we are always on call.

Where Can You Benefit From Manufacturing Resource Planning

Sales & Ordering

Your in house sales team will get an effective edge over your competitors if you choose a cloud based MRP program. By using your system on the go at client meetings, your team can access sales data, pricing and delivery estimates in real time. You can give your customers fast, accurate estimates and lead times without needing to go back to the office.

Once an order is made, sales can work seamlessly with production to ensure that customers get regularly updates on their order, gathering information at the click of the button. Customer satisfaction increases as they feel more informed as a result of the fluid system.

Inventory Management

We recognise that there are many moving parts within a manufacturing business, and so a quality MRP system should be able to manage and control your inventory. Supply and demand can be automated and matched accurately, so that you only hold stock of the parts you need. This cuts back on unnecessary expenditure as there are fewer, if any redundant parts in your inventory.

When choosing your MRP program, be sure to check that the solution can ensure your system has fewer inventory alerts, can track multiple locations of any part, and can control label printing and stock planning easily and effectively.

Production Planning

Ensuring you have the right capacity available to complete an order is important if you are to keep your customers happy. Our MRP program can ensure repeat custom by enabling you to schedule operations across your shop floor without common workplace issues such as double bookings.

Our MRP system can ensure that the right materials are available, at the right time they are needed and workers in the purchasing department will be notified and will be able to provide clear instructions to your workers on the shop floor.

Once workers have these instructions they will be able to clearly identify what work needs to be completed and on which order, and what’s more the system is paperless so there will be no more misplacing of routing sheets!


Many difference accounting features can be handled within Statii, such as the transfer of top to shop floor accounting information. You can create real time cost-profit and cost of goods sold reports that you can then present to management as and when required.

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