Rewriting the rules of ERP software: Simple. Intuitive. SME specific.


  • Do you feel like your business could be making more money?
  • Are you working too many hours in a business which over-relies on you, the owner?
  • Would you like to attract more customers and get paid promptly by the ones you already have?
  • Do you want to make your manufacturing and engineering business more efficient and productive?
  • If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then Statii could be the answer for you.

What is Statii?

Statii is a simple, budget-friendly ERP system that was developed by manufacturers, for manufacturers. Statii has a track record of positively transforming the bottom line of small and medium-sized firms across the globe – and yours could be next.

Statii is an ERP software that was specifically designed for SMEs.
Statii is disrupting the conventional ERP marketplace with its innovative and proven approach to Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Why is Statii different?

There is:

NO significant upfront investment.
NO lifetime commitment.
NO complicated IT infrastructure.
NO sales staff stretching out their lunchtime meetings.
NO tired old jargon.
NO conforming and doing things the old way
NO costly post implementation support
NO unnecessary features you’ll never use

So your business – and its budget – can say YES to Statii software.

How to make sure Statii works for your business

We can implement the software and support you with its functionality but any firm that decides to use Statii also:

Needs a positive attitude to change

Wanting a change is not enough. Actually making change and adopting the right attitude – along with our help – is what’s needed. It’s maybe even time to embrace technology considered ‘not for us’.

Needs to know Statii is not a magic wand

Obviously an ERP solution, however brilliant, is not a magic wand which will change your business for the better with a simple flick of the wrist. It requires a significant amount of investment in time in the early stages.

Needs to ask the Statii team for advice

We have a wealth of real life experience in manufacturing companies -we have been through what you’re experiencing and can empathise with you. Let us help you with your queries and work towards the answers you require.

Don’t forget

  • Our streamlined ERP system doesn’t have bells and whistles that you don’t need and probably wouldn’t ever use.
  • Statii was developed by manufacturers for manufacturers. Read our story here.
  • Statii has a track record of improving businesses by improving efficiency, cutting costs, streamlining an operation and sharing information through the business

If you’re interested in finding out more, call us on 01623 749 739. We won’t give you the hard sell, we’ve been where you are.


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