Mark Kemp | Managing Director

Mark trained as a welder back in 1998, learning the manufacturing and engineering business from the shop floor upwards. Spending eight years as Sales Manager for Chesterfield-based Access Engineering, working alongside fellow Statii founder Mark Thornhill, the two Marks then joined forces at Synergetix in late 2009 – a firm that sub-contracted to the engineering industry.

With Synergetix on an even keel and delivering its staple laser cutting, water jet cutting, fabrication, injection moulding and manufacturing-related project management, the Marks joined forces again to form Statii in 2010.

Mark took the helm at Statii and, together with founding partner Mark Thornhill, has delivered Statii to the worldwide marketplace. Statii’s unique ERP system was developed along with IT specialists to provide a simple yet powerful production planning and control tool for small to medium-sized manufacturing companies which has now been adopted globally by hundreds of manufacturing and engineering organisations.

Mark Kemp

Photo of Martin Kemp Statii Director

Mark Thornhill | Sales Director

Entrepreneur Mark has a track record of running businesses in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, founding Access Engineering Ltd in July 1994. Through investment in people and equipment, Mark built Access Engineering into a firm with a £2.5 million annual turnover by 2009.

Mark’s next project Synergetix Ltd, in partnership with Mark Kemp has also been a success, creating a true one-stop job shop for customers who needed bespoke metal and plastic components to be created quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Synergetix, under the guidance of Mark and Mark, provided access to the best of UK manufacturing at competitive prices.

In January 2010, Mark partnered up with Mark Kemp again to create Statii, and the company now has hundreds of users taking advantage of their intuitive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to benefit their business’ bottom lines.

Mark Thornhill

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