The ERP System Helping Businesses Make Money

Many businesses want to make more money but have several obstacles they need to overcome. This includes over-reliance on one person and a disorganised workflow.

A lack of cohesion and information sharing between departments can also cause duplication of tasks which isn’t the most efficient way to work. Many businesses are now implementing an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) which has evolved from MRP software (Material Requirements Planning).

Implementing an ERP System

MRP systems oversee the control of materials used in the manufacturing process, from receiving an order through to creating a schedule for manufacturing the final products. ERP systems have expanded on the MRP system by including other aspects such as accounts, supply chains and personnel.

This means that each function involved in manufacturing operations can now be tied together from collating information about customers, to receiving payments and monitoring employee performance. An ERP system is used to create the overall picture of a company’s position and manage the manufacturing process efficiently.

Other benefits of ERP Software include the centralisation of functions to one main database which means growth can be managed, and processes can be automated. Businesses will reduce costs by saving on operational and administrative costs.

Statii Software

The Statii ERP system has been developed by manufacturers for manufacturers which means we have the expertise to continually develop this sustainable option for SMEs. You’ll see an improved business performance through your bottom line, its ease of use and reduced costs. Our unique ERP system is completely secure, and we provide a fixed monthly cost for all of our flexible packages.

Not only that but you’ll receive unlimited phone and online support, there are no hidden fees, and you can even take our ERP software for a 7-day test drive.

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