The Cloud for small businesses

Cloud software has changed the software industry forever and comes with various advantages. Why are small and start-up businesses benefitting the most?

September 3, 2015

ERP Software Now More Affordable Thanks To The Cloud

Small businesses have until recently been unable to enjoy cost effectively the efficiency and cost savings associated with enterprise resource planning (ERP). It was always the preserve of big multi-nationals, who enjoyed the reduced overheads and greater profits which ERP software enabled. Thankfully, those days are now over – and a lot of that is down to the Cloud.

Making ERP systems available over the internet, and storing company data in the ether, has brought the advantages of a combined IT system easily within the reach of small businesses.

The Cloud has reduced reliance on an outdated approach which needed expensive installations on the ground of both hardware and software.

It has also drastically reduced the complete price of getting quality production planning and management software – both in terms of upfront expenditure and ongoing costs.

There are now a plethora of options on the market for small businesses looking to replace their outdated IT systems with one efficient, smooth running tool.

Some of it is tried and tested, but there are also ERP systems which are not.

Where Do Statii Come In?

This is where we at Statii come in. Our software is proven to work, with more than 150 companies at home and abroad taking advantage of our services to increase efficiency and cut costs.

We take your business very seriously and apply our real life manufacturing and engineering business experience as small business owners to make sure you get the simple, Cloud-based solution your company requires to move forward.

There is no large upfront investment, no lifetime commitment and no hidden costs.

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