Statii wins the SourceForge Summer 2022 Leader Award in MRP & ERP categories

2022 has brought in several challenges no one could have predicted. The summer often presents a difficult time for manufacturing businesses, so winning the Summer 2022 Leader Award based on user reviews makes us proud to support the manufacturing industry by helping the small to medium businesses that need it the most.

September 12, 2022

SourceForge, the world's largest software reviews and comparison site, compares over 60,000 products and hosts nearly 30 million visitors monthly. Standing out from the crowd is no easy task, and without the Statii support and implementation team working hard throughout the summer months, gaining this recognition would have been impossible.

How did Statii win the manufacturing software award?

To win the Summer 2022 Leader award, Statii received enough high-rated user reviews to be placed in the top 5% of favourably reviewed products on SourceForge.

“I’m very excited to announce the Summer 2022 Leaders on SourceForge. Statii has been recognized as a Top Performer this Summer in the ERP and MRP categories, and their outstanding user reviews are a testament to the high-quality solution they provide to their customers. Congratulations and keep up the great work!”

"At Statii, we put a lot of effort into developing software perfect for our customers, typically small to medium manufacturing businesses in a wide range of industries. But we pride ourselves on customer support, manufacturing knowledge and excellent human-orientated service." says Statii Co-Founder Mark Thornhill.

Mark added, "For years, we have been proud of our customer service rating of 4.9/5 on Capterra and SoftwareAdvice, but to achieve 5/5 stars on SourceForge shows the effort we put into making sure our customers are happy really is appreciated. It's a privilege to be awarded SourceForge Summer 2022 Leader."

Why did Statii win the ERP/MRP software award?

Statii received exceptional feedback across all four scoring criteria to be in the top 5%. SourceForge is an open platform and can be accessed to by anyone to view or write reviews.

Overall - 4.9/5

Ease - 4.9/5

Features - 4.5/5

Design - 4.6/5

Support - 5.0/5

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