Why Don’t More Small Businesses Use MRP ERP

More small businesses are moving to MRP ERP systems as a result of the progression in digital technology and the benefits that come with it. Find out more.

November 9, 2018

MRP ERP Systems Are Now Becoming Appealing To SMEs

Through our work developing and implementing MRP ERP systems, we have seen a dramatic shift in recent years, when it comes to the number of SMEs taking on the task of switching to an online MRP or ERP system. There are various reasons why  this is likely to be the case, below are just a few of them.

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Companies Are Moving With The Times

The ever progressive digital age that we now find ourselves immersed in has brought with it rapid advancement in modern technology, and what can be achieved by using it. There have been few industries where these changes have been less apparent than in software development, and in particular MRP ERP systems.

Older paper based systems commonly used by manufacturers are now being phased out by most SMEs. The accuracy and reliability of digital MRP, particular cloud based MRP software and the benefits that it brings with it are becoming more recognised by the industry.

MRP ERP Is Now More Accessible Than Ever

Now more easily accessible than ever MRP ERP software brings with it numerous benefits that were previously only available to larger manufacturing businesses. Those who could afford the often hefty price tag of older legacy systems were quite often the only ones who could pay for MRP applications in the past. With MRP software becoming more competitive in terms of the number of providers and the options available, the cost has reduced, making it a more viable proposition to many smaller enterprises .

Those smaller businesses who have already installed MRP have seen a boost in terms of their productivity and bottom line profits.

Simple Systems That Are  Easy To Implement

Most MRP ERP systems have a very straight forward method of implementation, that can see them make a seamless transition into the current processes carried out by SMEs. Unlike complex systems of old, modern MRP ERP is innovative and user friendly.

Cloud based MRP systems for instance require little or no installations, and updated to the system can be run in background, so downtime is kept to a minimum.

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