Shortlisting Suppliers For MRP Business Software

Creating a shortlist of systems from hundreds of types of MRP business software can be tricky. Thankfully Statii are on hand to offer expert advice.

October 25, 2018

Best Ways To Shortlist Suppliers For MRP Business Software

Picture this, you’ve been tasked with finding a list of ideal suppliers to provide new MRP business software for an SME you work for. You have to create a small list of 5, maybe 6 suppliers for you to choose from.

In many cases, creating a shortlist is actually more challenging than selecting the software itself. Evaluating MRP systems in great depth is hard to keep on top of and consistent, sticking to a maximum of 10 providers to research and review is probably a good start to developing a list of 4 or 5 viable solutions.

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What To Look For In MRP Business Software?

The hardest part of choosing MRP business software is that there are hundreds of different systems and only a very small number are right for you. More effort put into researching as many different systems will improve your confidence in your shortlist and means you are more likely to get the right software for your business.

You can shorten your list size down by using the following criteria to form a comparison:

  • Does the software serve your industry?
  • Can the system handle the size of your business?
  • Does the system have the functionality to work for your business?
  • Does the software fall within our budget based on its cost?

What To Do After Gathering Information?

Create this comparison and then contact the suppliers, request information, advice and software demos to be able to get a full interpretation of each piece of software, and then look to plot and review the different software packages you have been offered.

Other Factors To Consider

There are signs a software package is right for you, but when it comes to MRP business software, you need to be sure the system will be kept up to date, and comes with the right level of support.

When speaking on the phone to compare software, ensure that just like Statii, any other people you speak to demonstrate their product in an effective manner. If they can’t highlight the benefits of their software to your unique business, then chances are that the software isn’t for you. Be sure to give everyone a fair chance by educating them about your needs first.

Final Thoughts On Shortlisting MRP Business Software

Of course, you should give serious consideration to Statii. Our software encompassed 20 years manufacturing knowledge with the experience to create intelligent custom MRP business software that is directly built around your requirements. Full support is offered and all businesses, big or small are eligible to use the system.

To find out more, try out a Statii demo today by getting in touch with us, or see our video below for a 2 minute quick tour of Statii’s innovative system.

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