How to ensure a successful ERP implementation

Are you about implementing a new ERP system and researching how to manage the project successfully to benefit your business rapidly? Read our top tips.

September 3, 2015

How to ensure a successful ERP implementation

Starting To Use A New ERP System Can Be Nerve Wrecking

Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be a daunting experience for a company of any size. Some ERP systems can take a lot of work and be a complex procedure for the user, especially one who is not familiar with ERP software and has been used to doing things the ‘old way’.

What Happens If Implementation Goes Wrong?

If things don’t go quite as planned, the implementation of ERP software can be disruptive to a company which needs to concentrate on its core business and not its internal systems. Stories abound of ERP failure on a grand scale – for both multi-national companies and small operations. A quick search on the internet throws up dozens of cases where companies and even governments have been left out of pocket by failed projects which ended up costing a fortune for zero returns.

But implementations will not fail if you choose the right system and follow some simple steps (hopefully outlined to you by your ERP supplier).

How To Avoid An Unsuccessful Implementation

One of the most important factors in a solid implementation of ERP software is making sure you use a provider with real world business experience – and not just IT specialists.

While the IT crowd write the software, it needs to be tailored to your needs by specialists who understand what your business requires and not just boffins who know how to produce clever code.

Selecting the right company to implement your ERP system is therefore paramount – and ensuring you select a provider who supports ongoing development of your system is crucial. In a dynamic business environment software will need to be changed and updated to ensure it continues to meet your needs.

Managing the change from your old systems to your new ones helps to ensure a smooth ride during the ERP implementation process. Effective change management is needed to make sure that everyone who will be affected by the move is kept in the loop about what the changes are and what they will mean to them.

ERP is no magic wand to make a business more efficient, but with a commitment from the user it can and will make a big difference.

So, the right attitude is needed for change and this is vital to making sure the new ERP system gets up and running smoothly. It could even involve a change of culture in a company to embrace what is happening, throwing out the old to bring in the new. The implementation project has to be strongly led by both the customer and the company completing the work. A leadership committee with managers from both sides can help to drive the project to completion, making sure the bigger picture is maintained during the implementation.

Testing new ERP software to ensure it fits your needs is also an important factor during the process – it sounds simple, but getting a system working correctly before it goes live is crucial to its implementation. Too often in the past systems have been launched without being ready so making sure your ERP software is going to do the job cannot be underestimated.

While an ERP system is tested with data, problems must be identified and solved as the old systems are integrated into the whole. This needs data to be prepared for the new system in a consistent fashion.

Training staff in the new system is key to the implementation as well – a quality system will be little use if no one knows how to use it. Making sure everyone is up to speed means that when the ERP solution goes live it will happen seamlessly and time will not be wasted grappling with a new system and losing man hours as a result.

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