How much does ERP software cost?

Do you want to know the trust cost of purchasing and implementing ERP software in a manufacturing business? We look at the purchase, installation and customisation costs of ERP software in this article.

September 3, 2015

What Is The Estimated Cost Of My ERP System?

This is likely to be your first question when considering an ERP system for your business.

The answer can vary greatly, with some systems easily running into hundreds of thousands of pounds, even for a relatively small package.

Initial Costs Of Planning & Purchasing ERP

Initial outlay on software is usually only one of the costs associated with the purchase of ERP software. After a hefty payment to get going, bills can follow for upgrades and for maintenance of the system once installed in your business.

Actual Cost Of Installation

The installation itself can be very pricey, encompassing the software you have bought, staff training and project management of the whole process. Installation can often end up outstripping the price of the software package itself.

A lot of ERP systems are priced per user, which can greatly increase their cost in the long run and make them prohibitively expensive for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

3rd Party Customisation Costs

Costs can also spiral as the ERP provider adds in software from a third party as they customise their product for the user. It does not take long before the bill starts to get out of control and puts a small business off getting an ERP system altogether.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way – there is a way to cut the cost of getting a package of ERP software.

Statii Helps Cut The Costs Associated With ERP

With Statii, we have removed the large, up-front investment altogether so you can get going straight away and immediately see the benefits of our low cost, low risk software.

Statii ERP software costs as little as £99 per month, giving directors a simple monthly payment to meet for their package. Statii Professional does not limit the number of users and all Statii systems have no hidden support costs to catch you out. They also require minimal training, cutting the cost even further.

What you see is ultimately what you get from Statii.

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