Benefits of Implementing an MRP System

Suppose you're debating taking your business to the next level of organisation and growth but aren't sure exactly how an ERP or MRP system will help you reach your goals. This article details exactly what a system will do for your business processes.

April 18, 2022

MRP and ERP Systems but how and what to choose, many SMEs in the manufacturing industry struggle to keep up with competitors. Hurdles they need to overcome include over-reliance on one person, no clear picture of a company’s true position and spending too much time duplicating tasks.

Businesses who implement an MRP system (Material Requirements Planning) create a central database for all their core manufacturing functions.

Traditional MRP software has evolved over time to implement other key parts of the operational process. This is called an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) and includes aspects such as employee performance reports and connected invoices. ERP software gives businesses a full overview of their business, increasing efficiency across the organisation. Implementing an ERP or MRP system can provide companies with many benefits.

Benefits of ERP and MRP systems:

  • Clear picture of the manufacturing workflow
  • Defined operational instructions
  • Centralisation of live data to create a true company picture
  • Eliminate the duplication of tasks
  • Reduce admin costs – find out more
  • Increase productivity
  • Fewer wastage costs and errors
  • Maintenance of stock at the lowest levels possible
  • Successfully manage business growth
  • Measure success
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Statii’s ERP and MRP system

Some MRP software and ERP systems such as Statii’s, are specifically designed to help SMEs streamline their manufacturing operations.

Coming from engineering and manufacturing backgrounds, we designed our software to meet your industry needs and overcome the challenges you face to become more efficient. Our simple, secure and sophisticated MRP system comes with excellent support, no necessary features and no hidden costs.

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