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"I personally recommend this system to any organisation that wants to get the job done. It competently controls all the needs of most small to medium size businesses and is very quick to implement and understand. Information that is linked from start to finish is invaluable..."
Kevin, Managing Director
Rated 4.6/5
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ERP & MRP software systems re-invented for the smaller manufacturing business

Statii is a manufacturing MRP system for constantly changing businesses that require flexibility and speed from office to shop floor.

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Rated 4.6/5

"I personally recommend this system to any organisation that wants to get the job done."

Rated 4.5/5

"This software has made our company more profitable, more efficient, easier to run and organise."

Rated 4.6/5

"We have never used any MRP software previously, and it is adding loads of benefits to our company."

Never lose track of a job's status again

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Small Business

Job Costing

Job Costing

Job Costing

Cloud based MRP systems

Need more time, organisation and information?

Statii software has been designed to prevent jobs from being late or missed in a busy manufacturing business. Keep track of your jobs, stock levels, orders, capacity and invoice due dates automatically.

Real time updates

Complete visibility

Highly organised

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MRP Systems MRP Software cloud based

At Statii we pride ourselves with MRP systems and MRP software which has been recommended and regularly used by Statii who are one of the UK's fastest growing ERP and MRP software systems companies in the UK - aimed at assisting engineering companies. Simple and powerful cloud based software offers its users a cloud based solution to help pro-actively manage production. Aimed at the smaller business as well as the larger businesses in the UK.

Statii Software enables its users to work smarter and become more successful, by giving easy access to key information that is essential for companies to reach their full potential. Statii Software combines the benefits of Enterprise Resource and Manufacturing Resource Planning software systems making it accessible to smaller manufacturing businesses. Created by manufacturers, for manufacturers. Statii offers a unique software system comprising aspects of both ERP systems and MRP systems.

Our low cost MRP & ERP systems are offered to small to medium sized manufacturing and engineering companies. Allowing its users a comprehensive Production control system to help manage scheduling and planning of projects. Our cloud based ERP software controls all business processes from costing/estimating through to the invoicing. Simple to implement our affordable MRP software can boost productivity and profitability in areas such as Inventory management, equipment efficiencies and streamlining production processes. Recognised as one of the fastest growing ERP and MRP system providers through its innovative software platform.

MRP systems - intended to simultaneously meet three objectives:

  • Ensure materials are available for production and products are available for delivery to customers.
  • Maintain the lowest possible material and product levels in store 
  • Plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities. Interest? well...

Main Software Fearures

In today's challenging and fast-paced manufacturing marketplace, you'll need more than hard work to stay competitive and grow. Statii offers a simple and sustainable ERP solution that will enable your business to increase its productivity cost effectively, offering you an increase in your bottom line and ensuring that your business reaches its full potential. Our sme specific, intuitive system was developed by manufacturers for manufacturers and will allow you rapid and easy access to key information through a made to measure enterprise resource planning software, so what makes Statiii such a powerful MRP system? Take a look at Statii's features, and you'll soon find out.

Find out more about the features of our MRP Software >>

At Statii we believe MRP software shouldn't cost the earth

Pricing should be transparent and that complex contracts are for lawyers. Statii is a simple rolling one month subscription.

No large investment

No costly tech required as Statii is a cloud MRP.

Monthly payments

No long contracts, just a rolling monthly agreement.

5* support included

Rated 4.9/5 for customer service with Capterra.

Rapidly implement

Transfer data and train remotely for cost effectiveness.

Different industry and set-up. Same MRP system.

Statii manufacturing software is designed to be flexible, able to adapt, and functional in any manufacturing business.

Metal Fabrication

"Profit and loss is a big one for me, before the job is dispatched I can tell whether or not we are on track."

Dean Hutchby
Managing Director
Cavalier Sheet Metal

Wood Work

"We can order things more efficiently, quote things more efficiently... the efficiency of it has proven its worth."

John Clarke
Managing Director
SRL Countertech


"It has a colorful red button when you're in the red and you've not got your invoices out, not got your targets out."

Cheryl Rolfe
Finance Director
DC Rolfe Ltd

Plastic & Moulding

"It's not just some IT guys... Statii knows manufacturing, they've been there, they know what's needed."

Tom Burleigh
Product design admin
S&D Solutions
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MRP systems and the Statii Difference

Statii finds itself disrupting the conventional of the MRP software marketplace with its unique approach but every member of the Statii Software team applies their real-life experience because of previously working in manufacturing businesses. Statii Software brings to the market an alternative Cloud based choice of MRP Software and a user-friendly ERP System.

Improve your manufacturing processes with a MRP software designed to help with production control by giving real time information. Accurate and effective control.

Statii MRP and ERP software has the sole purpose of managing and improving the user's business. If you are new to MRP/EPR systems or software solutions and don't feel ready for a complete production control system, Statii Software offers a free for life product, Statii Liite, allowing you to slowly transition to a full ERP or MRP package. Statii Liite includes functions that allow easy day to day management of your customer/supplier database, lead management, including estimation and quotation.

Click here to learn more about Statii Liite >>

Why 2000+ daily users make with Statii

User-friendly interface

Simple, intuitive layout for rapid training and on-boarding.

Complete traceability

Attach all relevant documents to a job and track live time.

Performance orientated

Never miss an action or run late with auto dashboard reminders.

System flexibility

Ability to alter key job factors at every stage of the build.

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