The Short Version

Statii came to fruition because two entrepreneurs with manufacturing and engineering backgrounds couldn’t find an ERP system that suited their manufacturing-based SME, so they thought they’d develop their own.

After a collaboration with a software specialist, Statii spent three years in development and beta testing, so determined was the team to get the offer exactly right for SMEs across the globe. In 2012, Statii was launched and it’s now the ERP system of choice for hundreds of users across the world.

The Long Version

Statii’s roots can be traced back to 2009, the year when two experienced manufacturing engineers realised they needed a cost effective ERP software solution suitable for an SME, and the market didn’t provide it.

These entrepreneurs, Mark Thornhill and Mark Kemp, were running the sub contract engineering company Synergetix and, as they expanded, they found they needed more efficient production planning and control systems in place. Both of them had been used to working with a sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in their previous companies but nothing that would suit their current requirements.

As they investigated the production management software and ERP systems available, they found a marketplace with a decent amount of choice, but all of the available ERP software was either out of their limited price range or was simply too complicated and feature laden for their small firm to justify.

And this predicament gave the dynamic duo some inspiration – why can’t we provide an ERP solution for small manufacturing businesses which is simple, cost effective and doesn’t have unnecessary features? So, the two Marks combined their hands-on experience and expertise in manufacturing with a proficient programmer to develop software for their own in-house needs.

Over the following 15 months they all burnt the midnight oil to construct an ERP system to help Synergetix perform as they wanted, but to start with, Statii was only created for their firm. It wasn’t until they were approached by a fellow manufacturer after he saw the program, decided it would work perfectly for his own business and requested a copy inspiring them to consider Statii as a commercial product.

So the two Marks realised that they had developed something which could be of considerable benefit to other small and medium sized firms – to people like them, businesses which needed simple, effective and budget-friendly ERP software to help their company prosper.

After this eureka moment, there was an unrelenting focus to create a software application aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, which were, at the time, under-serviced in the production planning and control software marketplace.

So your business – and its budget – can say YES to Statii software.

The Name


The unusual name of Statii came about by chance while the software was still under development in 2012 when a database programmer tried to describe a collection of statuses.

Pronounced ‘Stat-eye’, the name stuck immediately and chimed with the drive to create a system which was – and still is – heavily focused on the status of a company’s internal processes.

The product’s software skeleton was there, however it needed to be polished before it went to market. Statii needed some help to build the slick cloud-based system that it was to become and in late 2012, a partnership was formed with a three-man company based in Manchester called Web Enable IT.

With exceptional credentials, the programming and development arm of the business was led by Robert Goodwin, who had worked at Chairman Level in many software houses since the mid-1970s, and staffed by his two sons, Mike and Charles, who were both particularly gifted programmers.

The mix of experience and expertise in both software development and manufacturing is reflected within the Statii ERP solution.

Now, almost three years on, Statii has hundreds of users both in the UK and abroad. The product is constantly evolving. Each piece of feedback Statii receives is fed into a process which drives the ongoing improvement of the Statii ERP system. With a constant focus on power and simplicity, Statii continues