“Free for Life” Manufacturing CRM & Quoting Software

Statii Liite is a specifically designed manufacturing software. It will manage crucial aspects of your business, such as – Customer – Suppliers – Quotations – Email Platform.

  • Full customer information & history
  • Attach files to all aspects of the system (customer to individual parts)
  • Email relevant contacts directly from system
  • Full enquiry history in 1 click
  • Filter information to supply 000’s reports (quote conversion rates etc.)
  • Supplier keywords for quick purchasing
  • Create quick and efficient quotes using line format
  • Benefit from default prices and drop down menus
  • Quote is automatically created to be printed or emailed
  • Know exactly what profit you are set to make on each job

Is Statii Liite for you?


Whether you have no proper record of this information or you store it using computer documents, Statii Liite is designed simplify the organisation and creation of this data.

Statii Liite is a powerful tool, when we designed and created the Liite system, we had a user and mission in mind. We find many companies we work with still use hand written paper based systems or at best excel/workbook spread sheets. These processes are not only out-of-date unfortunately, but require lots of manual entry, requiring time and effort that is better used elsewhere!

Do you cost using spread sheets, requiring you to manually create quote documents? Do you have to print your quotes or save them, attach them and send them via email? Do you have easy access to all the quotes you’ve created, capturing crucial business information to report on? Does every quote you create get given a ‘unique part reference’, so you can instantly requote or quickly edit?

If you are saying yes, keep reading!

Creating customer and supplier forms in Statii Liite means you will always have that contact information to hand, because we use drop down menu’s. Handy features such as attaching drawings to parts and being able to email saved contacts directly from the system, not to mention every quote ever created is stored with the customer information to prevent time lost searching. As our mission is saving you time, I recommend watching this short Liite video, demonstrating what you can gain for free today.

Why is it free?

Simple, unlike other software companies, Statii Ltd was founded and ran by manufacturers with over 25 years’ experience, owning and running manufacturing businesses in the metal fabrication sector. On a daily basis we work with and implement production control software into small and medium manufacturing businesses, for more information on the full product, Click Here.

We experience businesses making the change and then benefiting from the software, wondering why they ever wasted all that time using out-dated manual methods. But we understand why small businesses have hesitation to change or investing in a fully functional production control system. Which is why we created the Liite system, offering a taste of how Statii makes manufacturers lives simpler, easier and less stressful. Of course we hope users decide to benefit from the full system and the Liite system helps educate users on the benefits and power of a complete production control system.


How secure is my data?
Far more secure than sat at your desk, servers are located with Hetzner in Germany. A world class leading server provider, your information cannot be seen, stolen or lost.

What if I don’t use the Liite system?
Your system will sit there waiting for you, when you’re ready. Of course eventually a Statii member will call to confirm your need for the system.

What if I want to take the information out?
Give us a ring and we’ll export your data as a CSV file or excel. You can then do with this clean data what you want.

How can I upgrade?
Get in contact with us by clicking here. We can use your current Liite data, to populate you full Statii system for you.

What do you get and how does it work?

Step 1 – Apply for Liite system.

Step 2 – Receive introduction email.

Step 3 – Reply to email with the information we require to set up your system.

Step 4 – Receive your free for life Liite system.

Step 5 – Book your free training session for a quick tour.

Step 6 – Start populating system.

Step 7 – Create your first quote within minutes and send in 3 clicks.

Step 8 – Decide how to fill your new spare time.