Generate & Manage Purchase Orders

Statii allows two methods of generating PO’s. The first is by creating demand automatically to satisfy either a Sales order or an Inventory item. The latter method allows the user to create a PO manually, the system however forces the user to tie the cost to a Sales Order where relevant.

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Requisitions can be created by users, stating the detail and preferred supplier. PO’s are either directly linked to Sales orders, applying actual costs. Adding items to the inventory through PO’s is also achievable. The third method of using Purchase orders are related to non-project specifics that we call Consumables, for example Office Stationary items.

Goods can be booked in against the line detail, ensuring the Production department have a clear view of if the raw material has been booked in to undertake processing.

The final check on the form is the PI Match facility, which essentially passes the invoice for payment if the details are correct on the suppliers invoice.

Reports include

• Measure delivery performance of suppliers
• View outstanding orders
• View value of spend in any given period