How to evaluate ERP software for your business

Things To Consider Before Committing To Proposed ERP Software

Before committing to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, a full and frank evaluation of your business needs and what the proposed ERP software offers should be compared.

Key Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

About your business: What are your processes? Where do they possibly break down? What do you expect your new ERP software to achieve? What are your exact needs?

About the ERP software: How does the functionality of the software meet the business’ needs? Is the software suitable for SMEs? Has the system been developed with real experience of my industry? What costs are associated with the ERP system, its implementation and ongoing support?

Only when you have answered these questions should you move ahead and commit to an ERP solution for your company’s production planning and control requirements.

Firstly, you need to know exactly what the processes inside your small business are so that a solution can be tailored for your unique situation. If you progress to buying an ERP system without truly knowing what you need, then you will likely not get the solution you require.

You also need to know where the problem areas are in your internal processes so your new production planning software can focus on improving them. For example, if your inventory software does not communicate with the system responsible for sales you need to make sure your new ERP software addresses this.

What Are Your Expectations Of ERP?

Expectations of ERP systems need to be realistic. They provide a challenge to your business and require a commitment from the user to work as they are designed to. Implementation can be smooth but also needs a little time to get right. It helps to talk to someone experienced in the process to get an idea of what is needed from you and how long implementation will take.

Make sure you set clear targets for your ERP solution and be sure to make sure what’s being offered meets your expectations. If it doesn’t, there are always other options which can more closely match your needs.

There are too many examples of companies who go out and buy an ERP system and then try to adapt to it. This isn’t necessary with manufacturing software available which can be tailored to your particular set of circumstances. It helps if your small business software supplier has experience of the industry in which you operate.

Keep Your End User’s In Mind

Lastly, it is important to also take into account the end users in your business when selecting ERP software. They need to buy into the new system as the implementation process can occasionally be a challenging one for some staff. If everyone is involved from the very start it is likely the migration to the new solution will be far smoother.

Speak To Statii!

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