Help When Selecting ERP Software

Is It Important To Have Help Selecting ERP Software

One of the big questions that’s always been on the agenda when selecting ERP software is which is best, being consulted or left to make a decision yourselves.

In simple terms, the answer is yes, they do. If you have grown the business yourself, and want what’s best for it then you may want to consider taking on board some advice when making a choice on the best ERP software for you. The question is how much is help is sufficient to make the right decision for you.

How much help you need varies depending on a number of factors such as the following:

Size Of Your Business

This may seem strange but it’s not a simple case that the larger your business, the more help you will need when selecting your software. There are more options when it comes to ERP software for smaller companies. Larger ones are limited to choice. Most ERP software is built with SMEs in mind.

Whilst any ERP system could run any smaller company theoretically, some software differs in its capabilities and this is where expert advice is needed. It’s all about selecting ERP software that is on trend with your business.

Business Complexity

As with size, the complexity of your business can vary the choice of ERP software available, making it harder for less complex businesses when selecting ERP software as there is more choice. More complex businesses find it tough as the amount of available systems that can be built to such complex processes is greatly reduced.

Internal Expertise & Resources

There has been more of a trend in the market in which more and more companies have been self-selecting their software. This is fine provided that the people making the decisions have the right level of expertise and time on their hands to properly research the right solution.

Adding “choose software” to anyones existing jobs list will likely end up with the wrong solution being chosen. Make sure if you are going to brave it and make a decision yourself, you rely on someone who understands the global needs of your entire organisation first.

Planning For Selecting ERP Software

In order to plan effectively when selecting ERP software you need to ensure that you have a well researched enterprise technology roadmap. You need to define what your ERP software needs to do for you, what processes it will need to handle and integrations it will need with your workforce.

From this, you will be able to compare ERP software against predetermined factors and make a more informed choice. Without a roadmap, choosing ERP with very little research will most likely end in failure.

Start Planning Your Timeline Or Get Help

Before you rush into selecting ERP software, consider the timeline. How long have you been using the current system? Do you really need to rush or will you survive for a while longer? If your business can survive another quarter with an outdated system, then it’s often better to do this, than chance it by selecting ERP software without proper prior planning.

If you are truly in a great rush to switch your ERP system, then give us a call or contact us via our online form and we’ll be happy to arrange for one of our consultants to give you a demo of Statii’s very own ERP system.