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Helpful hints from an entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in manufacturing

How To Manage A Successful Business Statii Director Mark Thornhill has been a successful entrepreneur in the manufacturing and engineering sector for the last 20 years and he’s chosen to share his experience in a fascinating feature for leading SME business publication, Business Matters Magazine – you can read his complete article by visiting […]

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Software solutions for second generation business leaders

The tide of business never ceases to ebb and flow but of all the pitfalls facing business leaders, stagnation is surely the biggest and deadliest killer of them all. Not only must managers react to changes in the marketplace, continually adapting and honing their product so it is the very best it can possibly be, […]

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Are manufacturing and engineering the future?

Is Manufacturing & Engineering The Future Britain has a well-established and proud heritage in engineering and manufacturing, and despite the globally competitive market we now find ourselves in where producers never cease to fight on price and quality, that heritage continues to flourish. But the giant task which faces manufacturing industries is one which remains […]

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