How Jerba Campervans use Statii MRP

One of only a handful of VW campervan converters in the UK to be safety tested to full type approval and recognised as a qualified motorhome converter by Volkswagen.

It will come as no surprise Jerba Campervans are one of the UK's most popular VW Transporter converters.

Founded in 2006, Jerba has a turnover of around £3m and 15 employees. We interviewed the managers to understand what challenges the business faced as it expanded and what role Statii MRP had in helping them overcome them.

What did Jerba Campervans use before Statii?

Like many manufacturing businesses, Jerba Campervans began with a spreadsheet system. "We ran into the same limitations every business does with spreadsheets, every process requires manual entry, and there is a lack of automation."

Why did Jerba choose Statii?

An integrated MRP system

Coming from a spreadsheet system, Jerba wanted to unify their business's information and create a single operating system. 

"We wanted to integrate everything into one system. We wanted better planning capabilities for inventory and job operations."

"The way Statii did all this whilst managing costing was a big plus."

Statiis' manufacturing knowledge and experience

When asked why Jerba chose to implement Statii Software, like many users, the answer was, "we really liked the manufacturing experience of the owners and, as a result, the support provided by Statii."

Built for small businesses with a price tag to match

Another key factor in the decision-making process, according to one of Jerba's senior managers, was, "Statii is affordable, especially for a small business. Statii is just small business focussed, but it can grow as the business expands, not limit it."

Off-the-shelf MRP with flexible configuration

Jerba needed a system configured to work with the tried and tested processes they already had in place. They also wanted a system that was easy to use. With management team members having used MRP systems in the past, like SAP and Microsoft, they are well aware of how complicated systems can become.

"Statii is very flexible when it comes to configuration and is exactly what we needed, not too big or complicated."

What three Statii features would Jerba Campervans find hard to live without?

1. Inventory management

2. Job processing

3. Raising Quotes & Invoices

How will Statii help Jerba achieve future plans?

Jerba develops and creates its own parts and components, such as the unique Pop Top Roof product.

"Statii will facilitate our expanding product range and help us scale the requirements of the business as it grows."

Advice from Jerba Campervans

1. Make sure you understand which features of an MRP are essential to your current manufacturing process, but scope out future requirements so the MRP has the ability to expand with your business.

2. It would help if you had knowledgeable people internally who understand your processes and how they reflect in an MRP. Externally at the supplier of the MRP, it's not enough to just understand the software. They need manufacturing knowledge also.

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