4th industrial revolution and software systems – ERP is doing what spreadsheets did to the black board

The 4th industrial revolution and software systems – ERP is doing what spreadsheets did to the black board What is the 4th industrial revolution / industry 4.0? Recently the manufacturing has seen a number of new buzzwords flying around; 4th industrial revolution, industry 4.0, connected factories, smart factories and the list goes on. This transition…Continue Reading

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Selecting ERP Software

Choosing the right software for your business is a key factor in getting things right – for your staff, your customers, and, most importantly, your bottom line. But how should SMEs go about choosing the best provider? Our resident expert, Statii Director Mark Thornhill gives his advice on the right questions SME leaders should ask…Continue Reading

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2017 Manufacturing and Systems Predictions

2017 Manufacturing and ERP predictions At Statii, we have been operating in the manufacturing industry for decades. Long before the invention of ERP software and production control systems. Despite still dipping our toe into the manufacturing industry, software is now our core industry, instead or working for it… serving it. So, I thought I would…Continue Reading

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Small ERP – The Emerging Market

It’s not just demand for small ERP software that’s been growing, according to Allied Market Research the ERP market is predicted to be worth £41 billion by 2020. Showing considerable growth, but what’s fuelling the growth of this well-established software sector? According to an article written by software specialists selecthub, a large contribution to this is…Continue Reading

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Manufacturing Changes and MRP

The past decade has seen huge changes in the way that much of the business world operates. Together with more home-working, flexible hours and rapid technological advancement has come smaller office spaces and a greater proportion of work done while on the move. This has brought particular challenges to the manufacturing sector, says Statii Director…Continue Reading

Making the most of your workforce

It’s well known that small businesses can have big advantages over their larger rivals when it comes to flexibility and reacting quickly in an ever-changing global marketplace. Less often discussed are the benefits for SMEs when it comes to staff motivation. Entrepreneur of 20 years and Statii Director Mark Thornhill offers his thoughts on how…Continue Reading

Three top tips to give manufacturing business leaders more time

Statii Director Mark Thornhill has been a business owner in the manufacturing sector for over 20 years and knows that whilst running your own company is immensely satisfying, it’s also a great deal of hard work – and finding any leisure time in your working week can be a challenge. However, Mark has a history…Continue Reading

Helpful hints from an entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in manufacturing

Statii Director Mark Thornhill has been a successful entrepreneur in the manufacturing and engineering sector for the last 20 years and he’s chosen to share his experience in a fascinating feature for leading SME business publication, Business Matters Magazine – you can read his complete article by visiting  However, if you’ve only got a…Continue Reading

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