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Stay in control of all your manufacturing processes. Oversee all steps of your production at any given time with real-time manufacturing information. Increase productivity with scheduling systems and real-time planning, and reduce waste and inventory costs through lean manufacturing. Production control software from Statii provides you and your company with the manufacturing execution software (MES) to monitor and control all your manufacturing and production through every step of the process.

Ultimately, you will increase overall plant efficiency and productivity by scheduling production effectively and remaining informed and in control over production during the entire manufacturing process. Cut your costs by reducing waste, scrap and machine downtime, while our MES will help you foresee and solve manufacturing problems before, or as they occur. By using our software your plant management will become more efficient, as it allows you to play a more proactive role by helping you identify inefficiencies and facilitating more efficient resource use.

Our software allows you to arrange, control and optimise the work and workloads for your production and manufacturing process. Allocate plant and machinery resources effectively, plan production processes appropriately and know the most effective way to allocate your human resources. This will ensure that you purchase and allocate only what resources you require and will facilitate a more cost-effective and efficient plant. As such, your waste, scrap, human resource inefficiencies and machine downtime will all be reduced for lean manufacturing.Read more.

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