How ERP Systems Reduce Costs & Improve Profits for SMEs

Small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses often face challenges with maintaining their position in the marketplace and need to overcome these before they can make more money. ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) have evolved from MRP software (Material Requirements Planning) to incorporate all the functions required in the management of manufacturing operations. ERP software is a simple and sustainable solution to increase productivity and streamline processes in a cost-effective way.

An ERP system combines manufacturing management functions into one central place. This includes all aspects of the production process from initial quotations through to invoice payment. It creates an organised workflow for your business and also incorporates other important functions such as employee performance monitoring and interlinked accountancy tools. Implementing the software can reduce administrative and operational costs as well as enhancing information sharing across your company.

Statii software provides simple, secure and unique MRP and ERP systems which can be tailored to business needs. Our wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry led us to design our software specifically for SMEs, as we understand the challenges you face and what you need to grow your business.

We never give our customers the hard sell, so if you’d like some more information about our ERP software and how it can help you become more successful, call us on 01623 749 739. Read more.


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